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Dog Obedience & Training

At Silver State Kennel, we offer a six week program where the dog stays at the Kennel for the entire duration of the program.

After the first two weeks, the owner needs to come out one day a week and take a lesson with the dog.

One lesson is a lecture the next four are hands on for a total of five lessons with owner and dog working on the obedience training together.

Throughout the six-week program we work on a variety of commands to help you and your dog have a long and happy relationship. The commands include: 

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come

We also work on basic manners like 'no jumping' and 'no bolting' through doorways. 

Fee (Note rate change from $1500 to $1800 effective May/1/2023)

The cost of the program is $1800.00. An initial $1200.00 fee is due upfront when you first arrive for dog obediance training at Silver State Kennel in Reno, Nevada; the balance of $800.00 is due when the dog goes home. (Rates subject to change.)

Age Requirements 

The perfect age is 6 months old and our minimum age, and no older than 2 years. 

Mandatory Vaccinations

At Silver State Kennel, our primary focus is on the safety of your pet. Please see the complete information about the mandatory vaccinations that your dog or cat must have prior to arriving on site or staying for any length of time. CLICK HERE for all of the important details or view our BOARDING page.


Depending on your dog's needs, we provide Adult, Puppy, Lamb and Rice, or Reduced Calorie food. We feed Purina Pro Plan products.

 Silver State Kennel / 775-677-2442 / 600 Lemmon Drive / Reno / Nevada

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