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Preferred Businesses

As we travel throughout North America, we have the opportunity to meet some of the finest people in our business. Please feel free to contact any of the following Preferred Businesses on our behalf.

Located among the mountains and pines in the foothills of the Sierras near Auburn, Caerleon has been providing Labrador stud service, showing, and competing hunting dogs since 1987.

Visit our website:

We are a family run business with years of experience in hunting and guiding geese, ducks, upland birds and sand hill cranes. We have the latest equipment and decoys for your convenience and enjoyment. Ask the Silver State owners for additional information.

For over 30 years, Diamond P Labs has focused on selectively breeding for specific characteristics which include intelligence, trainability, personality, temperament as well as good health. All of our puppies have the standard guarantee for hips, elbows and eyes.



How about your best friend? We've got them covered too, from puppies to seniors, Great Danes all the way down to chihuahuas.

We've got treats and chew toys to keep them busy while you're away, and a wide variety of premium and ultra premium dog foods.

Silver State Kennel is proud to be a provider of high quality pet accessories from Leather Brothers. 

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