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Gun Dog & Handling Programs

For Retriever Breeds Only

Gun Dog Program

During this intensive three month program, the dog stays at Silver State Kennel for three full months. 

After the first two weeks, the owner needs to come out and work with the dog. This first lesson is an educational session and the next seven lessons are hands on training with the owner and dog working together.

Fee (Note rate change from $3000 to $3600 effective May/1/2023)

The cost of the program is $3000.00. You pay $1000.00 the day you bring the dog in, then $1000.00 at the beginning of the second month and $1000.00 at the beginning of the final month. (Rates subject to change.)

Age Requirements

The perfect age is 6 months old and our minimum age, and no older than 2 years.

Mandatory Vaccinations

Owners must present written proof of vaccination for Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Parvovirus, Bordetella, and Rabies. These shots must be current for the entire time the dog is here.

Program Highlights 

Phase One of the program is basic Obedience which is outlined on our Dog Obedience page on this website.

Phase Two is all about Force Fetching with commands trained to "Hold", "Drop", and, "Fetch". This phase also includes instruction for the dog to "deliver to hand" and that retrieving is not only fun but it is his job.

Phase Three is conversion to the field. In this stage, the dog is readied for their first season of hunting for Water fowl or Upland birds.

The dogs are finished on game birds that include Ducks, Pheasants, Chuckar, and Pigeons.

Finally, they are trained for a "Come-in" whistle for Up-land, Marking and Steadiness for water fowl situations and are trained to hunt up" for all scenarios. .

Handling Program

(For Dogs that have completed the Gun Dog Program)

This is a program for serious hunters. The length of this program is an additional three months and fees are the same as the Gun Dog program at $1200 per month. This intense yet effective education process teaches the dog to run blind retrieves.  

AKC Retriever Hunting Tests

This program is the next step up from the handling program. and enhances the dogs training and abilities. The dogs are trained and handled in the AKC Hunting Tests for Retriever program, competing against a standard, with the goal of obtaining titles at the Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter and Master Hunter levels. Ask the Silver State staff for more information and details.

 Silver State Kennel / 775-677-2442 / 600 Lemmon Drive / Reno / Nevada

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